How to order: Online – by using the shopping cart, by phone by calling 0744 706 346 – between 08:00 – 17.00 (M-F) or by email at:

How to order :

The ways in which payment can be made are as follows:

  • Cash on delivery – when you receive the product.
  • Payment by bank card
  • O.P. (Payment Order) on request by e-mail

Telephone order :

For telephone orders we invite you to call the following number:

  • Phone: 0744 706 346
  • The APS EXPERT SERVICE team will take your order and deliver it to the desired address.
    In this case, the delivery of the products is made by express courier.
    Payment is made in cash on delivery or by bank card.

We recommend that you carefully consult the product descriptions for your requirements.
If you have any questions about the descriptions or if they are ambiguous, please call us.
We can recommend other products more suitable to your requirements through detailed discussions.

Descriptions and technical details are entered either manually or automatically.

These processes can produce understandable human errors with the sheer volume of information.
At the same time, stocks are highlighted generically on the website by the platform construction:
-in stock means availability but the lack of a specific quantity (1,2…pcs) displayed means supplier stock.
-out-of-stock generally signifies long period shortage of own or supplier stock or discontinued stock.
-pre-order means shortage from own stock and supplier and this implies a supply period of 15-30 days.
Regarding the prices displayed, if you notice “dubiously” low values, they are also due to human error.
Major differences between the product price and the actual selling price indicate an error.
In the case of displaying a single price, if it is extremely small compared to the importance and complexity of the product, it indicates a calculation error.
All these situations do not imply the desire or intention of a deceptive practice to attract customers but human error due to the large volume of data.
Please contact us in any situation that is obviously human error.